Serpentine Belt Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Austin in Austin

September 3, 2023

If you've ever heard a squealing sound under your vehicle hood, chances are it was your serpentine belt. More importantly, the belt powers the alternator. The alternator creates electricity that's used by your vehicle's electrical systems and also charges the battery. Without the alternator, the... More

Trickle Down Technology

June 18, 2023

Recently, Nissan introduced the latest version of its Leaf, the company's electric car. It has many new features, including something called e-Pedal. It allows the driver to let up on the accelerator and, unlike a gasoline engine car, the Leaf doesn't just slowly lose speed; letting off the throt... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Austin On Your Serpentine Belt

November 6, 2022

Today we're going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Austin, Texas, customers. Let's start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. That's the device that makes electricity to power the vehicle and recharge the battery. Then the... More

Can Your Car Last Another Year?

October 30, 2022

Have you checked out the price of new vehicles at Austin car dealers? Ouch! Add financing and insurance and a new ride may not seem so attractive. A lot of Austin, Texas, folks are hoping to make their cars last a lot longer.Fortunately, with the current state of automotive engineering and manuf... More

Relax When the Wind Blows in Texas: Winter Car Prep for Austin Drivers

September 5, 2022

When autumn comes around in Austin, leaves fall, nights get longer and there's a definite nip in the air. Time to unpack the boots and gloves and fold some extra blankets onto the beds. It's also time for Austin drivers to winterize their vehicles.Here is some expert auto advice for Austin driver... More

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Austin and the Maintenance Mindset

July 17, 2022

When it comes to their vehicles, some Austin residents don't have a maintenance mindset. They know they need to take care of their cars, but it just seems really hard to get them to remember to do it. Austin drivers generally accept that many things in life require regular maintenance but just m... More

Severe Service Requirements

June 18, 2022

A lot of Austin drivers have asked whether or not they should use their severe service maintenance schedule, which is listed in their vehicle's owner's manual. It can be somewhat confusing, so we decided to consult an expert. Cricket Killingsworth is from QMI/Heartland, a manufacturer of autom... More

The Maintenance Free Myth

February 20, 2022

Sometimes we hear people in Austin say, "What's up with all this maintenance stuff? Modern cars just don't break down." While it is true that today's vehicles are extremely reliable, they are also becoming increasingly complicated and use more exotic materials than ever before. All that complexi... More

Make Your Vehicle Last

February 6, 2022

We live in such a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days, Texas folks were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough - they had to do wit... More

The Harm in Skipping an Oil Change for Austin Drivers

August 22, 2021

People in Austin have been hearing a lot about higher oil change intervals these days. Maybe you're wondering: What are the key issues?Some new vehicle manufacturers are now recommending much higher oil change intervals than they have in the past. As much as 5,000 to 8,000 miles (8,000 km to 13,... More